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Angel Tattoos contain a large amount of spiritual significance. Through history, angels had been misunderstood as God's messengers and soldiers. Believed that they delivered his word and carried out his punishments on mankind. They are also presented as guards of mankind and harbingers of love. Mention of angels are found through the texts of the world's three biggest religions which are:

+ Christianity
+ Judaism
+ Islam

In belief, they are linking the species between Heaven and Earth.

Although angels are rich with religious significance, they are just as expected to be popular tattoos because their form lends itself so beautifully to artistic design, mostly their special outstanding feature which is their wings. Angel wings are usually used alone in tattoos, not containing the rest of the body design, and somewhat enhanced with other designs which may be:

- Hearts
- Crosses
- Banners
- Various others which may also contain words being held across with special meaning to the tattoo's owner

Although angels and crosses are considered mostly Christian symbolism, there is a contraversal debate occuring whether Christians are privelaged to tattoo themselves at all, angel tattoos or not. Tattoos were originally considered a pagan practice by the early Christians and believed to carry out a spiritual punishment for the person wearing the tattoo. In the later years, the Council of Calcuth redefined the policy of the church referring to tattoos and tattoos that were worn to honor God himself and to bear witness to his glory were told to bring us heavenly rewards. From being forbidden to being a higher compliment of God himself, tattoos are believed to be a sign of respect for Christians currently.

There is all different types of angels and angel tattoos where they can vary a different range of size and can customize what it is signifying, and even signify different messages or beliefs.

Guardian angels are believed to be the protection of a human so they are also a very popular tattoo design.

Other types of angels, including: archangels, cherubs, and fallen angels may be used as angel tattoos as well with different meanins behind them.

In sum, I find that angel tattoos are great to show your feelings and emotion to God and it really gives a special relationship with you and God which bonds you with heavenly protection. You choose your design not just for yourself, but for God too.

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